April 26, 2016

To Stick or Not to Stick?

We've all been there.

You walk into your room and find that one poster that refuses to comply and stay stuck onto the wall. For months you have engaged in the ultimate battle of adhesives:
duct tape
masking tape
scotch tape

It doesn't matter. Or, perhaps you refuse to switch adhesives. Every other poster in this room is holding on with tacky for crying out loud...what makes this poster so special? Either way, that poster wants down.

At what point in the year do you finally hold up the white flag and return that poster to its rightful place: the "poster organizer". Or, as some do, throw it in the pile "to be filed away later".

Is April late enough? Post-testing? What if post-testing is where you draw the line but it falls down between ELA and math? Ahhhh, such dilemma.

As the days wind down to summer break, and a time in which all materials must come down from the walls, I wish you all the best of luck as you engage in the inner struggle of whether To Stick or Not to Stick.

All the Best,

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