August 7, 2016

WHY YOU STILL NEED SPMS! or, (What Are You Waiting For?)

Hello Everyone!
Remember how I told you about the membership I'm using to take amazing photos, videos, and graphic designs with just my iPhone? Well, it's open to new students again - but just for a week from August 8-15th! Now is your chance!
This membership has been a game-changer for my social media presence and my business. It's self-paced, gives you lifetime access, and I take it right from my phone whenever I have a free moment. With the ease of access and linking capabilities, you will be able to not only keep up, but excel, in areas of your business with just your iPhone!

If you're interested, make sure you sign up by August 11th before the price increases by 10% - (affiliate link)

This course has revolutionized the way I approach social media. In the three months I have been learning and applying different techniques, I have noted the following:
* Number of followers on Teachers Pay Teachers increased by 30%
* Number of followers on Instagram increased by 80%

Now, granted, I may have increased followers without the knowledge I have gained...but I doubt it would have been that fast. The catalyst has been my ability to create quality images and posts from just my iPhone!

Sign up today and you'll get instant, lifetime access to easy-to-follow lessons on:
* product photography
* graphic design
* sales graphic creation
* lighting and setup
* script writing
* video production & editing
* iPhone productivity
* & all of it from your iPhone - learn on the go!

You'll also get access to a private Facebook group that yours truly is in, learning all the latest tips on iPhone visual marketing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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