May 2, 2017

Refocusing for the Rest of the Year

There are certain times of the year when students need to be reminded of the rules in a more structured, formal capacity. Traditionally, those times are most prevalent right around Thanksgiving and again in the spring. Although, the spring reminder moves around depending on when Easter, the spring break, and State testing occur (and if there is a full moon)!

I use a blend of Whole Brain Teaching, Class Dojo, and a hodge-podge of tricks and tips I've acquired during my time in the trenches. There are quite a few classroom management systems in place. The students hear the rules and/or experience reinforcement of them in small degrees throughout the year. But, springtime offers an opportunity to help the students refresh their understanding of the rules so that the year can finish off as smoothly and painlessly as possible!

I saw an idea from 2nd Grade Sassy Pants and decided to give it a shot. I made a few adjustments to meet the needs of my classroom. 
Finished Anchor Chart
The basic breakdown is as follows...

You Will Need:
  • chart paper
  • colored markers
  • sticky notes
  • pencils
Time Frame:
  • < 30 minutes
  • Prep the chart paper with whichever heading works for your students.
  • Write out a few sticky notes that have "acceptable" and "unacceptable" behaviors on them. For this chart I color-coded the stickies (green and red) and keep them out of sight until we discussed them as a whole group.
  • Ask students to give a thumbs ups or a thumbs down to indicate which section of the chart the sticky belongs on.
  • In pairs (or triads) have students write down an additional behavior to be added to the chart.
  • Add the red "no" slash or the green star as you and your students discuss their sticky notes.
  • Add the student suggestions to the correct side.
  • Display the anchor chart to remind students of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.

Overall, this was a success! Behaviors were immediately adjusted for the better. And, I now have an additional resource in the classroom for students to refer to when the need arises. The interactive piece was a hit in my room. The students loved sharing their ideas and they added a few things that I wouldn't have thought to include. 

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

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